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Government of Nagaland

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Appellate Authority (AA)

Public Information Officers (PIO) and Asstt. Public Information Officers (APIO):


SlNo Office Public Information Officer
(PIO) (With Contact Number)
Assistant Public Information Officer
(APIO) (With Contact Number)

Municipal Administration 

Nagaland Secretariat.

Shri. Kevekha Kevin Zehol, NCS

Joint Secretary

9436005629 (M)

Shri. Sentiyanger Pongen, NSS
Section Officer,
9856881811 (M)
Directorate of Municipal Affairs

Shri.A.Zanbemo Ngullie

 Joint Director & HoD

  9485238337 (M)

   Smti. Kevilenuo Solo

          Asstt. Director

          9436815428 (M)

3 Engineering Wing (DMA)

Er. Toba Angami

Executive Engineer  

9436010319 (M)

Er. Theruovituo Pienyu


     9436094167 (M)


Kohima Municipal Council


Shri. Kovi Meyase


        9436832000 (M)
0370 2290252 (O)

Zakiekhotuo Kiso
9436001089 (M)

Dimapur Municipal Council


Shri. Atokhe Aye


9436006383 (M)
03862 232610 (O)

Shri. Nyamo Lotha,
Office Supdt.
9774468150 (M)

Mokokchung Municipal Council


Smti. Bendanglila

ADC & Administrator

9436603921 (M)

(o) 0369-2226297

Shri.O.Pangjung Longkumer

9862128465 (M)  

  7 Mon Town Council

ADC & Administrator

9436211062 (M)

Shri. Wanghai Konyak
Head Asstt.
9862590876 (M)
  8 Phek Town Council

Shri. Kuko Mero

ADC & Administrator

9436009770 (M)
03865 22307 (O)

Shri. Punesa,
Office Secretary.
9436804825 (M)
  9 Wokha Town Council

Shri. Hotulu Swu

ADC & Administrator

9436066666 (M)

Shri. Daniel Yanthan,
Office Supdt.
9436408891 (M)
10 Tuensang Town Council Shri. Sushil Kumar Patel
ADC & Administrator.
9436008061 (M)
Smti. Apenla Sangtam,
HA Cum Cashier.
9402001047 (M)
11 Zunheboto Town Council

Smti. Nungshimenla Imchen

ADC & Administrator

9856511599 (M)

Smti. Vihuli,
Office Suptd.
9436818305 (M)
 12 Peren Town Council

Shri. S.Tainiu

ADC & Administrator

9436211521 (M)

Shri. Haibononv,
Accountant Cum Cashier.
9436018204 (M)
  13 Longleng Town Council

Shri. Zhoi

ADC & Administrator

8974798149 (M)
0369 2236272 (O)

Shri. Alin Phom,
9612539795 (M)
  14 Kiphire Town Council Dr.Tinojungshi Chang
SDO(c) & Administrator.
9436655735 (M)
8974938789 (M)
Shri. Benjamin Longkap,
9862968569 (M)
  15 Tuli Town Council

Shri. Sentiwapang

ADC & Administrator

9436601371 (M)

Shri. Moatemsu Sangtam
9862141351 (M)
  16 Changtongya Town Council

Shri. M.S. Thampong

SDO(C)& Administrator

8974748040 (M)

Shri. Aonuken
9612940782 (M)
  17 Naginimora Town Council

Shri. Chingyak.K

ADC & Administrator

9436409997 (M)

Shri. Longjang,
9436652111 (M)
  18 Medziphema Town Council

Smti. Sarah S.Jamir

ADC & Administrator

 9436006007 (M)

03861 247798 (O)

Shri. C.K.Moralee Dharan

9436433495 (M)

  19 Chumukedima Town Council

Shri. Thumbemo Patton

EAC & Administrator

8415069252 (M)

Shri. Visakolie Sakhrie
Office Supdt.
9862439592 (M)
  20 Jalukie Town Council

Shri. Rhosietho Ngurie

SDO (C) & Administrator

9436207916 (M)
03862 220222 (O)

Shri. Alemyapang
9402811984 (M)
  21 Pfutsero Town Council

Shri. Nchumbemo Odyuo

ADC & Administrator

9436605193 (M)

Smti. V. Lovitoly Sema
9436004710 (M)
  22 Tseminyu Town Council

Smti. Vikhweno M. Meratsu

ADC & Administrator

8794848145 (M)

Shri. Shonyelo Thong
9436821110 (M)
  23 Shamator Town Council

Shri. Alemjongshi


8730084771 (M)

Shri. Wonchio Odyuo


  24 Noklak Town Council

ADC & Administrator

943614797 (M)

  25 Aboi Town Council

Shri. Wasu Katiry

ADC & Administrator

  26 Meluri Town Council

ADC & Administrator

9612901124 (M)

  27 Bhandari Town Council    
  28 Chozuba Town Council    
  29 East Dimapur Town Council    
  30 Longkhim Town Council    
  31 Mangkolemba Town Council    
  32 Pungro Town Council    
  33 Tening Town Council    
  34 Tizit Town Council    
  35 Tobu Town Council    



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The Government of Nagaland, Urban Development Department allowed Dr.Toshimanen Ozukum, Joint Director to hold additional charges of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) under Demand No.37 vide notification No...
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The Municipal Affairs Cell is located below Accountant General’s Office, A.G Colony, Kohima.

Municipal Affairs Cell,
Below Accountant General’s Office,
A.G Colony, Kohima – 797001
Nagaland: Kohima.
Ph: (0370) 2243452